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Mope IO

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mopeeMope Io – another clone of the popular multiplayer game Agar.Io where you control a small tiny animal who has to eat food and drink water to grow bigger. At the beginning of the game, you have to register a free account or play as a guest by choosing username. In Mope.Io game you have to choose your animal and start playing. You will find a lot of other players on the stage. Some of them may be much bigger than you, you should avoid hitting them to survive. Remember that you should not hit red areas, also keep in mind that you can hit other animals of the same color, they won’t hurt you.

How To Play Mope.Io
You should control your character using the following buttons : Mouse left click – run. Use [W] button or mouse right click to shoot water. You can use Enter to chat during the game with other players. Enjoy the full version of MopeIO at our website.